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What is Monofold ?

It is CREATIVE, CLEVER and ultimately PRACTICAL.

We are inspired by today’s urban sophisticates and trendsetters and we strive to develop products that would satisfy the various demands of their busy lifestyle needs. We design and develop solution based products that they crave and need.
MONOFOLD offers today’s sophisticates and trendsetters a carrying solution with the belief that style should not be compromised for functionality. With one fold, you can customize and transform the design and the function of the bag.
MONOFOLD is crafted from the highest quality of lightweight material, treated to be water resistant and weather-proof. Each compartment was designed for easy access and secure storage, constructed to protect your valuables and smart devices from external impact.

How is Monofold Different ?

Fashion Forward

Fashion and style is as important as functionality – we don’t say which one is more important, but instead we make sure that style isn’t compromised for functionality.

Different Look, One Bag

Designed to be customizable to transform the style and function of the bag with just one fold.

A Place For Everything

From your smartphone, tablet, laptop and even chargers and cables, it has a compartment for everything

When People need Monofold ?

We help the lives of busy individuals with the belief that a well-designed product with versatility and convenience can enhance real-life advantages. With one fold, let us bring diversity in everyday life and on travel.

Who Uses Monofold?

Urban sophisticates

Prioritize modern lifestyle and satisfying design

Professional & Creative

Fastidious production for perfect task performance


Leaders of new social standards

Why choose Monofold ?

We cut through the clutter – All in one solution that perfectly integrates style and functionality. With one fold, we believe that you can transform the bag for different functions and experiences. Monofold is the ultimate carrying solution for urban sophisticates and trendsetters on the go.


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